James Cameron talks Technology for Avatar 2 & 3

James_Cameron_new-tech_2010A few days back visionary filmmaker James Cameron spoke with Google CEO Eric Schmidt for the Churchill Club in San Jose CA about the technology he intends to use and develop for his new Avatar sequels. From the prospect of real-time rendering of the motion capture performances on set to the advanced underwater simulations for Pandora, Cameron set minds alight.

Eventually, 15 years from now, we should be working real time in at a photo real image, almost like you do with photography.

Speaking passionately about the technology he also takes a few people by surprise when he exclaims that he wants to author the film at a higher frame rate and go beyond the standard 24 frames per second used in film and capture at frame rates of  48, 60 or 72.  The digital projectors used today can operate at 144Hz so the refresh rate is there except Cameron will likely develop camera systems to record at this speed and more frames mean more rendering time.  If you like your video games you’ll notice the high quality is the result of the animation getting pushed through at a faster frame rate, when Cameron achieves this there will be an incredible motion fluidity in the Avatar sequels that will surely take the 3d film-making realm to a whole new level.

Check out the full program at Fora.tv or a preview of the interview here:

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