The Glades – Jim and Callie Finally Commit

The Glades began airing in July and after an auspicious pilot episode it’s proved to be an above average procedural drama set against the backdrop of the picturesque Everglades. Starring Aussie Matt Passmore, the show offered a refreshing and laid back approach to cases where homicide detective Jim Longworth’s investigative antics were the biggest reason for tuning in as well as the goings on in the small police district.

Over the season Passmore’s character began something of a relationship with the stunning Kiele Sanchez and it’s taken almost the entire season for the relationship to make it to first base. Kiele’s character Callie Cargill has a 12 year old son and whilst she works tirelessly at the local hospital where they first met, she has the unfortunate baggage of a loser husband whose been sitting in jail for the crime of armed robbery.

Her history has made it somewhat impossible for Jim and Callie to get together but over the season their lives have been intertwined through solving cases and their obvious attraction for one another. A refreshing part of the show has been the build up to a relationship which has been somewhat frustrating as it’s taken forever for the two to even lock lips and things hit a snag when the dilemma of the husband resurfaced.

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Season finale recap – Breaking 80

In the summer season finale (spoilers ahead) Jim’s passion for golfing spikes when a murder takes place on the fairway.

The victim was recently released from prison and was the caddy to a  life-long friend and professional golfer. Things don’t add up for Longworth when he discovers the victim may have served time for a crime he didn’t commit. As he pursues the investigation his golf swing becomes an issue and pharmaceutical rep Heather played by Rachael Carpani vies for his charms.

After the case is resolved, Jim finds himself playing a friendly match with Callie’s love rival – and at which point he finally breaks 80 and she thinks this is the cue for their relationship to jump to the next level. Though it was sad to see that she hadn’t made an emotional impact on Jim, it was a captivating moment when he realized he’d rather be sharing his accomplishment with someone else.

Check out the exclusive recap scene here.

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In the final moments of the episode we’re left with knowing that the husband is now set to change things for Jim and Callie’s relationship. The emotionally charged ending will have fans eager to see what awaits when The Glades returns next season.

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